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Website Design & Development

Web Design

Our Web Design experts will create a beautifully intuitive elegant solution that will maximize the effectiveness of your business strategies.  When referring to design in this case we are referring to the “front-end” of the website or what users see when visiting your website.


Search Engine Optimization:  Being ranked on various Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo will increase volume of traffic to your site increasing sales opportunity, maximizing branding, and creating a better reach; creating for you; your business; or organization optimal success to company goals.

Web Development

Our Web Development team will ensure that your front-end functions as intended with various back-end technologies.  This involves database integration, SSL installation, Security, Server Maintenance, and other aspects of back-end engineering.  

Technical Support

If you are a Do It Yourself (DIY) person who needs some assistance with a problem, we have solutions!   We will help regardless of the magnitude of the problem.  Sometimes all you need is a set of “fresh eyes!”

Core Values

Topaz Web Professionals

Communication:  We believe in good communication.  To us, the most important part of this is “Listening.”  Understanding your needs and respective goals will help us contribute to your success.  Further we believe in timely communication keeping you informed of your projects progress, and ultimately completion!


Trust Topaz Web Professionals

Honesty, Integrity, & Trust:  We believe these three things are key to building strong character and in turn relationships; whether personal, business, or in general.  This means setting adequate expectations, accurate timelines, and fair pricing.  

Honesty, Integrity, & Trust

Topaz Web Professionals

Accountability:  We hold ourselves  accountable for our work and your satisfaction.  When developing a site we will ensure that you are on good footing when our engagement is complete.  We offer free support for 30 days after your site has gone live.  


“Anyone can dream up great ideas, but an idea is nothing until it’s realized, be it as a website, a physical product, an app, or a user interface.”

Jens Martin Skibsted

We are a small Web Design & Development Team based in West Jordan, Utah USA.  Our team has over 20 years in the IT industry.  Our experts are well rounded full stack developers which basically means they see the big picture of how the internet works, intricacies of web design, development integrations, and most importantly end user support.

Our mission

Help Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits, Corporations, Students, or Anyone who needs a professional website and related technical acumen  to forward business objectives, organizational goals, or personal dreams.  We consider ourselves your partner.  We accept the responsibility of working with you as an invaluable opportunity; where by helping you we sharpen our skills and find joy in your success.  Further, we believe in giving back by choosing a project to do for free or “Pro Bono” each month.

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